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Dynazon – Dynamic & Responsive Amazon Landing Page

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Dynazon specially built for Amazon Associate program campaign. If you promote Amazon Product through PPC, PPV, Blog Review, Squidoo, or Forum and YouTube Spamming, this is for you.

Instead of directing your affiliate link straight to the Amazon page, you need a Landing Page for a better conversion. I got a good amount of conversions using this Landing Page.

No worries if you have no Amazon web store, all you need is run the campaign then Dynazon Landing Page do the rest. This landing page handling the product information with elegant clean design and full of marketing aspects for the great conversions.


To run this LP, simply put Amazon ASIN code to the URL of Landing Page, then the product information will be automagically generated with your Amazon Affiliate link on it.

Clean and Simple Design

All basic product information served clearly in big block design. This block is eye catching and bring visitor attention. Big heading for Price and Brand, big product image, and informative product descriptions. The description cover of Product Title, List Price and Discounted Price, Stock Availability and Delivery statement.

The product information is dynamic based on product data. Some Amazon product have no complete data, and this LP auto correct the sentences to avoid blank information.

Big Button for Call to Action

The Big call to action button displayed right after the product information and in the top right page bar. The button style match with the Amazon well-known button, in yellow. Your Amazon Associate link added automatically within the buy button and will going to Amazon Product page when clicked. Then Amazon will record your Associate ID in visitor browser session for 24 hours.

Detailed Product Image

Medium product image is displayed by default. By clicking on the image will display the larger one. The popup containing large product image will be show and, off course, the Yellow Buy Button also ready over there.

Detailed Product Information Block

The bottom part is displaying more detailed product information. There are Featured Product Lists, Product Description, Package Dimension, and Warranty Information. This block has dynamic height fit to the product description words length.

Customer Review Sections

This landing page also give Customer Reviews information about the product. Click the View Customer Reviews button right below the Dimension block, and the popup will be displaying the customer reviews. This useful information will bring the new customer decide to buying with confident.

Related Product

The related product section shows up to 2 image thumbnails of similar products. The related or similar product can giving a buyer good experiences and buying options. The image thumbnail will open the new Product Landing Page. On the other hands, with this LP you actually already have an auto generated Amazon web store!

Cool enough? :)

Social Media Share Optimized

The social media sharing is the nowadays viral marketing arsenal. So we add the Facebook Like button and Pinterest Pin button. The URL, Title page and image thumbnail already optimized for this social media sharing purposes.

Fixed Top Navigation Bar

The navigation bar on the top is fixed positions, displaying the Custom your web store name, about page, privacy policy page and the Buy Button on the right. They will always displayed on top of the web browser when the visitor digging to the bottom of the page. And if the visitor decided to buy or want to going to Amazon product page, the eye catching yellow buy button is remain there and easy to find.

The custom web store name is easy to setup and automatically displaying in three positions: Top navigation bar, page footer and in the about popup.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Layout

The LP layout is nicely presenting in desktop browser with responsive layout, can be fit to any screen browser size. Also perfectly mobile friendly for android tablet, iPad, iPhone, android phone and most mobile device.

Mobile browser optimized layout is ready to the next level marketing:  monetizing the high potential mobile traffic. Below the landing page views in iPhone and tablet device.

Download this Dynazon Landing Page

Download: Dynazon v.1.1 (13.3 kb file size). Download temporary disabled, please check back later.

Downloaded 2653 times

Installations and Instructions

To use this Landing Page you need to register the Amazon Product Advertising API. Signup HERE.

After signup, login to your Access Identifier HERE to get Amazon AWS Access Key ID and Amazon Secret Access Key. Also you need your Amazon Associate Tag ID. Both Access Key for Amazon Product authentication process and the Associate Tag for Order and Stats Tracking.

  • Download the zipped file and extract it. Its containing 3 files: product.php, info.php, and function.php.
  • Open and edit the info.php file. Edit four line of code and add your Amazon AWS Access Key IDAmazon Sectret Access Key, Amazon Associate Tag ID, and your Web Store Name.
  • Save and upload all the files to your server. We recommend to upload this landing page files in your subdomain.

Just it, now you’re good to go.

How To Use

For example the landing page files stored in ‘LP’ subdomain.  http://LP.YourDomain.com.

To use this landing page simply add the landing page URL to the text links or ‘BUY’ button in your Amazon product review blog post, YouTube video description, forum post/signature, Squiodoo lens, email marketing, PPC or PPV campaign. Add the Amazon ASIN to the landing page URL using the following format:


The ASIN code showed in URL of Amazon product page in Amazon site, or you can grab the ASIN using ASIN Grabbing tool as well. In this example, we choose this Nikon DSL Camera and the ASIN is B004V4IWKG. Copy the ASIN code and paste into the Landing Page URL.

URL to the Dynazon landing page will be:



Below is the example of Link Implementation to Landing Page in Amazon product review post. We can add the landing page URL within text link or button.

Buy the Nikon D5100 16.2MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera here!

Buy Velvet Torch Women's Slip Tank Dress Only $44


This is free tools, you can use this design and scipt in your hosting as much as you need. Any feedback and questions about installations please leave comment in this post.

We provide custom design this landing page to fit to your campaign for only $20 per design. Also we offer installation service in your server for only $3 per site.

We also offers the SEO Optimized Amazon AutoStore Turnkey Site script. This product is available in limited slot.

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